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November 9, 2012
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Combo Lock App: Asetzotat by DiadaiKujiin Combo Lock App: Asetzotat by DiadaiKujiin
HI THERE I'll just launch this here, okay? Also here have the full view image [link]
This is Kari's fault and is apparently love-child number one between us, taking after his mother which is apparently me. Blondes have all the fun, okay. I'll eventually have more outfits up and shit, but for now, have the updated app to fit the style I use for the club.

ID #ALC4022

For :iconcombo-lock: YOU SHOULD LIKE, JOIN AND STUFF.

[Data Update] Character Info//




    1366 [27-28]

    June 1st



    King of Greed

    ”Doesn’t matter, it’s mine now.”
    “See this is why you can’t have nice things.”
    "Emotions are nothing but a weakness. One is better off without attachments."

    Negative Traits:
    Aloof | Distant | Uncaring | Unpredictable | Untrusting | Stubborn | Selfish | Egotistical | Sadomasochistic | Immature | Vain | Inconsiderate | Suspicious | Pretentious | Impatient | Arrogant | Bipolar | A S S H O L E

    Positive Traits:
    Ambitious | Cooperative | Adaptable | Proper | Mature [when necessary] | Perfectionist | Persistent | Independent | Calculated

    Something is very wrong here. PYRO-DIVA

    -His things.
    -Being in control.
    -Your things.
    -Being a creep.
    -His things that were your things.
    -Snazzy cars ‘n shit.
    -Lemon Shakeups.
    -Needless violence and chaos.

    -Not having his way.
    -Being one-upped.
    -Loud noise.
    -Most people in general.
    -Being ignored.
    -Thinking. [Not stupid, just gets lazy about it.]
    -Large unpleasant canines.
    -Loss and defeat.

    Memorization and strategics [mind boggling isn’t it], balance, hiding pain [well practiced I might add], and pinpointing your valuables. Also can be quite stealthy and silent with his movements. Also quite a metalsmith, he can weave the gold he creates into various objects from decorations to armor and even weapons [though being gold, it's not the most durable but it's pretty].He can also sing very well and has selective hearing like a pro.

    Aset started out nothing special- child of a Wrathian and a Greedian along the wall of the Greed Circle. He lived in the slums, though didn’t care, usually in the company of Wrathians and slipping out into their swamps- mainly to prove he wasn’t afraid of their anything. His parents were lost at a young age- just straight up left him one day; no death, no warning, nothing, just gone, and no one even knew how or why.
    Angry and hurt, he decided it was probably better, quickly becoming a thieving ball of anger towards anything that ventured too close- in which case in his young adolescence he came across a Fraudian who found himself happily adapting to the life of Greed.
    The other introduced himself as Eleheil, and the raccoon-like Pandemonian weaseled his way to Aset’s side, easily fitting the role of any Greedian well worth his salt. He used Aset’s ability to create gold or turn anything to the coveted metal, manipulated him and worked his mind to thinking like himself- cool, calculated, and emotionless. In time, they formed a terrifying team, climbing the ranks from slums to nobles by thievery, manipulation, intellect, and even with a twist of business.
    As a teenager, Aset started pulling away, growing suspicious and planning for his own endeavors- he was in belief one, the ally would turn on him anyways, and two, he deserved the power more. Thus the two turned on each other, one with the desire for wealth, the other for power and fame; truth finally unveiled that there was nothing but manipulation between them. And that time was where the manticore quickly learned to think on his feet, calculate the enemy, and focus his rage and abilities to overcome Eleheil’s attacks. He lost his wings in the process, but he came out victorious, though with broken trust- for anyone he came across.
    He agreed to the leadership role with the views that none but himself could be trusted, and power and wealth were necessary to obtaining any ounce of respect. Though he is married now to Avarice and is dubbed King of Greed, he keeps his own motives secretive beneath a veil of ployed incompetence and ignorance, acting as if he’s clueless of anyone’s actions and goals. Thanks to Eleheil, he’s gotten quite skilled with using words and manipulation to get what he wants and can have quite a poker-face; though his suppression of emotions other than anger causes him to become very unpredictable in his antics.
    He’s easily bored with life in general, and often leaves to start up chaos with anyone- and solves everything with needless violence. His motives for obtaining the key is unknown, though it is clear he wants to rule over Zero in some fashion.

    -He’s a manticore, but no longer has the wings.
    -His tail contains no poisons- instead it holds a flammable chemical as well as molten gold.
    -He prefers turning his tail into a flamethrower.
    -His hearing is exceptional and his ears can rotate like a cat’s to pick up sounds from more than one direction.
    -Petting his ears gently will calm him down to a relaxed state.
    -He’s actually highly moody and bipolar. Crazy even.
    -He is married to Avarice.
    -He’s 6’7’’ tall.
    -Losing his wings dropped his speed significantly.
    -While he’s easily enthralled, he’s also easily bored.
    -He’s probably a sadomasochist.
    -He is almost never seen without those shades. Unless it's dark in his location; they're used to keep his eyes from hurting in the light.
    -He can’t see in bright light, therefor his eyes are always slits unless at night, where his vision is exceptional.
    -His eyes always have a soft glow- they stop glowing if he is ill or nearing blacking out. The more upset he is, the brighter the glow.
    -The colors are symbolism- Purple is royalty, Gold is Wealth and Greed, and Red is Power.
    -Gold is a soft metal [Take that how you want. ;D] and therefor he has weaknesses that will severely hinder him or even render him useless.
    -Major weak points are his hearing, his nose, throat, sight, and the tail between the armor plating.
    -The markings on his face are based on a Cheetah, and grow longer and darker with time.
    -He seems to make a hobby out of creating random golden statues and objects.
    -He cannot swim; the tail causes him to sink rapidly due to its extreme weight.

[Update] Inventory//
Prior Ownership:
    Everything in Greed circle and as far as he can see, shh

Store Bought:

[Log Sequence] Battling//

*Contract Availability: UNAVAILABLE
    Contracted to Blaire Lamarr

    Ain’t she a lucky gal.


    Power revolves around 'molten steel', or 'lava' in simple terms, though cools into gold.


    - Flamethrower Pokemon!- as it implies, it's a flamethrower- from his tail. The tail has two points, one with gold, the other with a special chemical to create and sustain heat. Igniting the spike, it's pretty easy to spray the chemical into a 'jet' and ust the tail as a flamethrower. However his 'supply' is limited and he has to 'recharge'. The more intense the flame, the more it takes up. [One can tell he's going to use the flame because 1) he has to manually ignite the tip, and 2) there is an audible clicking sound before a flame is shot.]
    - In general he can create a small flame with his 'claws', much like a flint rock's spark. Other than setting surroundings on fire, it's just used to ignite his tail.
    - He is known to [rarely] create flames powerful enough to make him airborne, manipulating them into giant wings for a massive jumping boost, but it takes so much magic he is forced to recover afterwards. It's usually used as an escape.

      -Being just fire, water can easily put the flames out.
      -Useless in the rain, if it's raining too much a flame can't even be ignited.
      -White-hot flames are possible, but it takes such a long time to create them that they never make it that far.
      -It can easily go out of control if he loses his temper too much and harm allies and damage surroundings.
      -The flamethrower is powerful enough to make him immobile while it's being used, so he's open to attacks from behind.

Earth-based: This is where most of his abilities lie- unfortunately being superheated, it takes time to cool and be used for defense.

    - Most of his abilities revolve around his molten-abilities, which solidify and become 'earth' based. In most cases, he uses his tail to create the melted gold and has a knack for injecting it into a body- but if he has no desire for it, he'll generally just encase a body part with the molten mineral and watch them writhe like the sadist he is from the burns. It also slows them down immensely from the weight.
    - He is fond of using some of the molten gold as magma bombs, shooting the superheated alloy at targets like fire-coated rounds. Not really explosive, but they are pretty hot.
    - He is known to [on very rare occasions] combine the two elements and create ‘volcanic’ effects. The situation might vary- but it is always explosive with superheated debris falling everywhere in a radius. There can be anywhere from hot embers to literal magma rocks raining down. However, it uses up all of his abilities and he’s left vulnerable until he can ‘recharge’, as the explosion weakens him as well. It is usually a last resort, and takes time to prepare- his tail literally becomes a volcanic bomb attached to him.

      -Without the specially made glove he wears, the magma is hot enough to harm even himself.
      -His tail serves as the base of his power, and all magma abilities are made useless if the tail is damaged.
      -Volcanic and earth abilities are more close to mid-range and easier to avoid despite having more power.
      -These use up more of his magic, and in turn, take longer to recover from.
      -Rain and water cause the ability to weaken significantly and again, make these useless.

Useless Other
    - Can turn most things to gold, though this is rather useless aside from just bribing others and satiating the greed factor.
    - He's also quite strong and fast- pairing them up makes for a harder hit. While he's not superman, he has above-average strength and speed. His tail is naturally armored, and is used for blocking, but it's also his primary weapon for abilities.
    - Transformation is incredibly rare and only occurs in 'critical' points. Meaning when his life is in danger.
    - Technically has healing ability through use of his power, but it is temporary and the healed area is significantly weaker. [Much like a quick fix to a broken steel base.]

    Clawed Gauntlets
    -Retractable ‘claws’ on right gauntlet.
    -Left gauntlet has a blade on the bottom side.

    -Mainly for abilities, but the armor makes for a great battering ram or shield.

    Health: 1500
    Magic: 930
    Attack: 1850
    Defense: 620
    Speed: 1560

    Total: 6460

Battling Style:
    Generally relies on speed and power, meaning an all-out brawl if he’s made to fight. Strike hard and heavy before the other side can retaliate properly, giving him the lead. Tries to keep control and avoid as much damage as possible.
    However, if it fails, he will do the opposite- get far away and dodge- at least long enough to get that flamethrower going.
    Often thinks on his feet as he’s impatient and doesn't want to sit and nitpick details.
    He likes to abuse his fire sub-element and become a ball of fire charging into the fray too, but that’s just to scatter close ranks.

Themes: I suck at choosing themes, so these are chosen by prats like you. And I am okay with this so far.

Alternate Outfits: Shaddap I'm lazy. He'll eventually have 23894284902384 outfits.
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is this a game?
Nope, used to be a group.
KazzantiChaos Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconnanakosobplz: You are now Level 14, you may add +1280 SP to your stats-

Your stats are currently 
    Health: 1500
    Magic: 930
    Attack: 1850
    Defense: 620
    Speed: 1560
Please respond ASAP with your new stats.
Hello bold-

New stats are as follows:
Health- 1700
Magic- 1130
Attack- 2510
Defense- 740
Speed- 1710

KazzantiChaos Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconreactionplz: Whoa as soon as I log in-

OKAY FINE ALL ADDED- That attack...
Move the 10s from magic and speed to defense, so it's 720. :stare:
KazzantiChaos Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You mean attack, right?
Done and done now stop pestering me with this-
:iconnanakosobplz: You reached lvl 13! Please add 1280 SP to your character and reply back with the total!

You said you'd stop power-leveling why you lied omy staph this.
:iconskankyplz: I have, have I? My, how did this happen???

Health: 1070 1500
Magic: 730 930
Attack: 1550 1850
Defense: 620
Speed: 1210 1560

Total: 5180 6460
Your slave has been pushing out artwork. :iconpapmingplz:
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